Microsoft Software Licensing

One Windows 7 license can cost from $129-$299 depending on where you get it. eJungle can save your company up to 85% of software costs annually. You heard us right, 85% of your software bill eliminated! How can we pull off such a feat? Simple. We are buddies with Microsoft!

Through our MSDN, and Microsoft SPLA partnerships, we are able to provide licenses for Windows at amazingly low monthly rates. A typical Windows 7 Ultimate license will cost your company $299 per copy, per machine. Through eJungle, you pay as little as $6 a month for one license! Even after 3 years, you STILL would not have paid the full price for one of these licenses! And by then, you could be using the next, latest Windows Operating System.

Our licensing agreement with Microsoft can provide amazing licensing prices for:

  • Windows Servers
  • Windows 7 (workstations)
  • Microsoft Office (currently, 2010)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Visual Studio
  • SQL Server

And basically anything else Microsoft makes. Why pay full price for your software, when you can simply ‘rent’ it?