Computer Network Security

Tired of people logging onto your machine without your permission? How about worrying that sensitive documents are left exposed to users who shouldn’t be looking at them? Concerned about how much time your employees are wasting browsing websites that they shouldn’t? eJungle can stop all of that monkey-business!

Our network engineers run some of the most secure networks available. Let them bring that security and peace of mind to your business. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that nobody is doing something that they shouldn’t? eJungle can automate your security, so these worries are things of the past.

eJungle can analyze your current security holes, make the proper recommendations, and make it happen, all in one fell swoop. We will tighten up firewall security, workstation policies, sensitive documents and files, web filters, and more to ensure that your office flows how you want it. Your wish, is our command.