About eJungle

Founded by former SAIC Vice President, and co-founder, Russell Speck II, eJungle’s mission is to help businesses prosper in tough economic environments. With our special focus on improving web presence, search engine results, company automation, and IT functionality, eJungle is your one-stop-shop for ALL of your IT needs. We are flexible, dynamic, and here to help your business succeed.

eJungle Corporation has been servicing the San Diego, Orange County, and Tijuana areas since 1995, and continues to grow. Initially beginning as a high-end web development company, catering to businesses such as Warner Brothers, BMW, Dove, Viacom, and the State of California, eJungle has expanded to provide not only best-in-class web development and hosting services, but to provide top-notch managed IT services to businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

Why deal with several companies to bring it all together? eJungle can make it all happen on one simple bill. For that matter, why hire geeks, when you can hire the professionals—for less!